Yooperlight Point

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We believe that it’s important to choose a stone that resonates with you – so you can pick the precise yooperlight point that calls to you!


You can pick the precise yooperlight point that calls to you – the crystal pictured is the one you will receive!

Yooperlite is a fascinating crystal that looks ordinary under regular light but when exposed to a UV or black light, it begins to glow brightly.

Yooperlite is a stone of truth that encourages emotional recognition and expression. It aids in overcoming phobias and fears by helping you let go of anger and negative thoughts. It develops a clear, observant mind capable of inner tranquility. Yooperlite encourages confidence and acceptance of oneself.

Chakras: Throat Chakra

Element: Fire, Spirit

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius

Each crystal has been smudged with sage and charged in the moonlight!

6 reviews for Yooperlight Point

  1. Calypso

    My son loved it!!

  2. winchestersam1

    They are all exceptional! Thank you so much you have made my daughters Christmas. I will return.

  3. tg18810

    Thank you!

  4. vaultlady

    Thank you!

  5. tatigirl331

    So amazing 🤩 couldn’t be happier with them all!

  6. bresmith37

    It’s absolutely PERFECT. My daughter was so excited she stayed up until i got home from work at midnight to thank me. Can’t wait to shop with you again! ❤️

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