Quartz Moon Necklace

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We believe that it’s important to choose a stone that resonates with you – so you can pick the precise quartz moon necklace that calls to you!


You can pick the precise quartz moon necklace that calls to you – the crystal pictured is the one you will receive!

This gorgeous piece features a beautiful natural quartz crystal with an oval labradorite. The pendant is 2″ long and hangs on an 20″ black cord with a lobster clasp.

Quartz is a versatile healing stone. It is a powerful energy amplifier for body, mind and spirit. Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on earth. It is a crystal of clarity which dispels negativity. Quartz is also known to balance and harmonizes all the chakras.

Chakras: All Chakras, Crown Chakra

Element: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Spirit

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Gemini, Capricorn

Each crystal has been smudged with sage and charged in the moonlight!

3 reviews for Quartz Moon Necklace

  1. Kaitlin Heart

    Beautiful! Thank you so much

  2. waltrip51

    Very fast shipping , packaged with care. Such a sweet soul, she guided me to items that would help my daughter and at a great price….. Thank you 💗 for everything

  3. tlagore

    Love 💘 them! thank you for the gift 🎁 ❤

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